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Perfect tits on the beach

Your lust pie, Anise
Hi, the Sandfly again. Here`s some playa irony for you. I was lyin` about, hungover, doin` nothin`, when all of a sudden opportunity landed bang in my lap! Some guy who fancied himself as an amateur photographer and his pretty, fair-skinned girlfriend chose their spot for some seaside glamour photos - right in front of me, that is! So, photographer-boy, if your seeing this congratulations on a fine choice of model and a perfect choice of location. It`s all on my 3 hr vid so many of you have asked about. Leave a message if you haven`t yet, with your contact details. I`ll be in touch with everyone, don`t worry.

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love the vest no bra! Hello everyone! I'd like to thank everyone that has left me such wonderful comments on the e-contri's that I have been submitting. This is so much fun.. I wish that I would have started sooner.. Leave me a comment on what you all think.


Kusschen - Anja Thank you guys and gals for leaving such awesome feedback I loved reading I did'nt even think I would get so many people looking I could'nt imagine winning anything like this. Now I'm hook I told my husband to take more love everyone out there