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Dear friend again here, Rome is a great city with many places to visit. Close to the lungotevere Aventino is the little round temple erroneously called the Temple of Vesta (real is into Roman Foro). It also dates from the end of the II Century and is the oldest marble edifice to survive in Rome. Couples are welcome for holidays and pics. Ecco un altra tappa del nostro viaggio alla scoperta delle bellezze della capitale che si prospetta ancora lungo e denso di sorprese(abbiamo scoperto di non essere piu i soli a Roma). Se qualche altra coppia di ciceroni si vuole aggregare e la benvenuta. Un saluto ad Irene e Riccardo di Torino e ad Alessandra e Stefano di Roma (ma dove siete stati fino ad adesso?)

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sexy wife.. Dear Kate, This is the 1st time I (Stacey) am sending in pictures myself. I'm hoping my husband will be extremely turned on and surprised. What do you think? Well here goes everything. Wish me luck!!! ;) Stacey


more large boobs Many of you have asked why I use "Hot Wife" in my name. Well, it's because I get to have men other than my husband. Normally we can't take photos of them but I was allowed to this time. The unedited/uncropped series is on my website.