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Hi Kate & Crew!! Viewers! I had planned on doing a set for St. Patricks day but my mother is in town visiting right now and is doing a lot of baby-sitting for us. LOL We have been trying to get outdoors since we cant do that when the kids are around. Anyhow...we havent taken any indoor pics so we didnt get around to it. I had some nice bright green panties and fishnet thigh highs to match too! :( Oh and not to mention a very cool edible toy that I cant wait to use! :) I hope these outdoor pics will work instead! Happy Belated St. Patties Day to all! I was telling a friend of mine that I met here at naturist about us getting our new car three weeks ago and the first thing out of his mouth was that he couldnt wait to see those pics! So....thanks "jagdoctor" for the awesome idea! Hehe! After you said that, I couldnt wait to get out and take some pics in it! Can any of you guess what type of car it is? Im not a car I wouldnt be able to just looking at these pics and the angles...but maybe some of you can...? The very last pic in this series there was an older woman that came walking up her two mile driveway to check the mail.(right in the half of hour that we out there of course) I had just gotten butt ass naked to my flip flops and Jere says go up by the front of the car Michele. I walk around the car...take ONE shot and Jere says "Ummmm baby get in the thought there was a car that was coming near us. I get in the car look up and realize its somebody on foot. Jere gets in the drivers seat to back the car up and the woman is walking toward us. Once she knew for sure that we were leaving she turned around went back toward her driveway to walk home. It was funny. We left that spot and went and parked somewhere else and did a movie. Our first one ever with our new camera. There will be or already is a clip in HC. Some of you have been asking the last few times that I posted! Its not the one of this day though. Its from my birthday night. Remember those pics? Heheh..Enjoy everyone!! I had lotsa fun taking these pics! I really love being naked outdoors and suggest it to anybody that hasnt already tried it! LOL Oh yea...I cant forget to say "Thank You" for the awesome comments on my pics that went up on March 4th in naturist as well as RC!! You guys are absolutely wonderful people! Take care everyone! Big Kissssess Michele

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Road Trip hotel room. First submission to Red Clouds: My hubby took these pictures of me while I was masturbating. He got so hot looking at me stroking my sexy pussy, he decided to get in on the action. Butterfly kisses 'til next time.


Vote for me;) Finally got a site of my own. Steven helped me design the site and I am enjoying it. I love masturbation especially with vibrating toys. I prefer to use soft vibrators than hard cone shaped ones. You can e-mail me if you want to send in a special request.