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Creampie fun with strangers at the Ocean Beach

Fun with my BIG toy
Hi kate and gang thank you for posting my wife pictures and by the way great site. thanks you all who give good comments we will try to answer all of them wow we got alot of them. marie was shocked that she was so well liked even though i told her she would be. thanks again. for the one that had bad comments about our house well i didnt even want to knowledge you but Marie want me to tell you what took place that night ok here we go. first what you see on the floor is two air mats that we use in our pool and two mat we lay on out by the pool and two towels and our robes. we were taking pictures when a storm came up and the wind was blowing hard we did not want our things to blow away so i went out and got them. thats why they were on the floor we keep them in the storage building out back but it was raining so hard i did not want to get to wet. The thing on the bed were new lingerie and some dresses we bought that day and she was trying them on to model for me it was not trash and we live in a house not a trailer. Our house is not trashy. thanks again for the good comments hope you like these as much as the last ones. by the way marie is 48 years old.

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Vote and comments please.. Here are a few photo's of myself for gay men to enjoy, I myself am not gay but I have contributed jpg at other sites and I always get a much better response from men that women, so men I hope you enjoy them. You may contact me if you wish


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