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Blonde MILF with BIG BOOBS on the BEACH

Lorelai and Lucas
Thanks for all the great positive feedback! I'll keep 'em coming as long as I still have pictures left! Now I'm not a man who's discrimitory..I've had girls from every continent, sometimes a couple over so I don't lose on technicalities..however Antarctica is being elusive.. Anyway, I met this asian hottie online and got a few pictures of her, some more revealing ones will be next, on what might be my first real voy-zone contri. All your positive comments made me doublecheck my archives and I found quite a few I thought were gone! But still missing a few more hotties. The other girl in the shot is one I didn't get a chance to meet, but saw her on webcam. I got a cool capture program so she thought she was just showing me for that moment, but I have them here for eternity for my naturist friends! I got another two asian girls that way too, but the best one alas is missing. Enjoy, please more comments, and don't forget to vote! Feelin' the love! ShadyJay ps - sandfly rocks

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Doing laundry I had this fantasy about taking a bath in milk, It reminded me of soaking my body in cum. Sooo... the other day I filled my bath with warm milk and as you can tell from the pictures below it sure got me going!! I hope it does the same for you redclouders..Enjoy OXOXOX's Angel


HOPE YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE While wandering around the most recent Biker Rodeo in Chillicothe Ohio, I stumbled upon this couple who had decided to demonstrate her abilities on the skin flute. Sorry about not providing more, but the masses moved in and I couldn't get any more shots off!