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Hello to all my friends, I want to thank all the friends who sent messages of sympathy to me and statement to all the idiots which confuse the sex and the policy "d'aller se faire foutre en Iraq" and in more I tell them shit. Here to come 8 series of 10 pics. One unforgettable night with my darling. That all the idiots look at well, because they will see my cock in action and that they will shake themselves in their toilets because I tell again shit to all these assholes. Thank you with all the team for voy-zone for your extraordinary site. I wanted to say that I love America and American whom I know well, because I have some family in the USA (my brother in law) and I do the Marathon of NYC this year and I am always received like a brother in your country. Good luck with the war which await you. Your friend of France for always. God saves America.

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biker chic at hazen The final contri of me walkin through the park. I have to take this moment to say that this was not my idea. I had a lot of fun doing these pics. My husband couldn't stop looking at me and making me laugh. I love you all. Hugs and kisses everyone.


ps: happy holidays! Since I was able to walk in 6 inch heels, I was interested to know if I could walk in 61/2 inch heels. I seem to have met my match. These will take some getting use to before going out in public. Thanks for all the kind comments. Keep them cumming and we will keep posting. We have lots to post. Enjoy!