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jerking on beach with cumshot. Russian

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Hi everyone! My name is Heather and this is my first contri. My husband visits this site EVERY frikkin' day. I can never pry him away from his computer because he's surfin through every section of naturist, RC, HC, name it. So, I've recently joined him and we've had a great time looking at all the beautiful women on this site. Now, I figure it's my turn. This is our first contribution to naturist with pics by the hubby, and I want to know what you all think? Sorry about the "blurred" face, but we live up north and I'm some what of a prominate figure in my home town. Hope you all enjoy. If feedbacks are generally positive, we might make this a regular thing. Kisses! Please blur any face shots that aren't already censored.

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Chillin on vacation HEAT IN THE SNOW, in May CALOR EN LA NIEVE, entre Semana Sta. y el puente del 1?de Mayo se puede esquiar perfectamente en los Alpes, pero cuando sale el sol, que calor ... EN MAI IL FAIT CHAUD pour aller sur la neige, mais pas seulement au soleil... Ci siamo divertiti molto.


likes dressing up this is our first contribution. would love to hear the comments. if you think they are worthy,and she feels more comfortable we will expand on the lay out. please good comments so that i can get her to go along.