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As I told you, Paulie decided to send some pictures of my wife. And yes, my wife knows Paulie-but she doesn't know that Paulie is my lover. But my secretary does know both my wife and Paulie, and she knows Paulie is my lover, and she likes Paulie very much, and sislikes a lot my wife. So you see those two are always finding disgusting things to do to my wife. So, Paulie asked Tess, my secretary, to help her choose some shots of my wife Audrey. The shots they choose were taken some time ago in my office, following a plot by the two of them. In theory, my wife thought my secretary was out to have lunch. Really, both Tess and Paulie were at the next room, seeing everything by a one way glass...And while I took some still shots, they had everything in avi, including the "final" blow job... perhaps later for voy-zone... A last note: when my wife is present, Tess calls her Madam, when she turns around, Tess always calls her, and so do Paulie, as the slut or the bitch. Tess amuses herself also to get dates between me and Paulie everytime my wife wants to have lunch with me.. And usually, she only tells my wife I couldn't make it one hour later... OK, here you have, with the compliments of Paulie and Tess: one pic of Paulie and two of Tess, with no faces... And 7 pics of my wife Audrey, with her face.If anyone want to comment, they will love to read your comments. And if anyone knows a way to train a wife into a obidient slut, they would be delighted...And DPMEM, please...

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she is back my horny girl Hi Guys, Well at last I got some pics of Amanda out of the Bedroom, But we went straight back after the last pic was take. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I enjoyed taking them. Please keep the nice coments coming. Regards


..for the ladies Hi all - just wanted to know what you thought about my red top. These pics were taken on the top of a cliff and the buildings on the other side are a prison!! Also I've had loads of comments asking me to take off my G-string - and I have - still can't see very much though!