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Hi Gang, I wanted to share a couple pics from my vacation to Hedonism III in Jamaica. I had asked my hubby if he would take some pics of me on the "Prude Beach" and he was nice enough to comply. Not 5 minutes later, a beautiful brunette came crawling out of the ocean to pose with me. I hope you don't mind, because I certainly didn't!! Little did we know that we had an audience during the pic shoot, butt they all had to pay up in the pun intended! BTW, sorryI had to blur the face of the beautiful brunette, but as far as I know she could be the daughter of a famous politician or something. Who knows? XOXO

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Wife's ass enjoy Hi all this is my third time submitting and thank you all so much for the great comments. This my daily routine once I get the kids off to school It's my time. I lay back and release the tention ! Hope you like them


As Y wish:) Well all the comments are just great, and very appreciated. Here are some more photos that Dawn took,she takes all your photos by herself. I hope these will get even a bigger responce from everyone. We look forward to reading your comments and will plan on sending more soon.