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Sydney - Pleasure Strip - ___ Pleasure. Giving or receiving, it's all about being seduced by the passion. Your pleasure inflames my passion as much as I hope my passion incites your pleasure. What begins by trying to excite your mind and body always ends up with me savoring my own seduction! Yes, the brain is the largest sex organ we have... but it doesn't hurt to have a little visual stimulation to arouse that giant sexual tool now does it? :) I can't guarantee you'll always find pleasure in my submissions, but I can guarantee that is always my desire and intent. Thanks as always to Andrew for capturing my thoughts in pictures and thank you soooo much for all the incredible comments on my Sydney Summer submissions here and on my BB. Look for the finale to the Pleasure Strip in the next few days! Luv~n~Lust, Syd.

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good times in cozemel During the last month I do some exercise, and I lost some weight, so my body shape has change a little. I do a set of pictures to show you my body. Here I post the first part of the photoshoot... hope you like it! As usual, I will like so much to read your comments of my body....


I hope you like this one. hallo i have already sent some contri to the boobs section , but now after your very nice feedback i want to show more....hoping you love them. i was so excited after my husband shooted these photos that i was not able to sleep for the all night.