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stranger fingers my wife on beach

A close up...
Amber - Retail Day Off - Last week, I went to the mall with Adam, and some other friends. We weren't there to work, but just to hang out. Seriously, hanging out in the place you work really sucks!!! I mean, it was nice being there for fun, but sad that we didn't have anywhere else to go. lol. I really hate work lately...sometimes I really don't think I'm made to work with people, or wait on them. I could never be a waitress or hair dresser. I can't stand customers who have prissy attitudes, and who think they are better than everyone, me...for working in retail. Hmm., If it would ever stop raining here, we could go out bar hopping or something. I hate it when it rains. Makes me sad, and I find myself staying in doors all the time! I think it's good for voy-zone viewers though. I have nothing to do but post my pics here. Again, and again, and again. hehe, it's great isn't?

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Liz relaxing in St. Martin It must have been a full moon or something. We started out having a simple get-together, then went to the bar, saw a band. The only thing was the girls would not keep their clothes on. Wish every night was like this.


my wife' s ass Hi & Happy Xmas to all Voyeurwebberhot from us Down Under. The weather here is hot as Hades & Sammi always brings it up a few degrees for Santa S Bend. Hope you all have a safe & sexy holiday. Please say G'Day if you like our comntris, 1 here in PS & 2 for RC where Sammi & Santa get naughtier.