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Round ass at the beach

no story, just a fwb
Our family (which includes Scout & I, 2 kids, a dog, & a cat) makes good use of our bathtub/shower. So much use in fact, that when it comes time to do the cleaning, I often think it would just be easier to "hose it down." Actually, I've found through the years that it's just plain easier to strip down & get in...Being the good naturist friend that I am - I decided to share!! LOL ~ Scout, I was wondering.. since you are going to be home this week, would you care to help me "hose it down"?? Kiss! Hope all our naturist friends have fun with this contri. They are rather tame - but were alot of fun...they are self-pics so we can't blame Scout for the quality (it's not easy jumping in & out of a running shower to set a timer-giggle)!! On a serious note...Scout bought the FDNY hat a few months ago at Truck 10 next to ground zero...I just wanted to take a minute to thank all firefighters & emergency responders for all they have done and continue to do. Sincere Regards

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last weekend *Jo New Movie Site 3 - For those of you that like tattoo's, these guys are for you!! I don't remember how many each has, but it's pretty extensive. Here, Nell gives one of her primo BJ's, then turns around for some WOOF WOOF fun! You'll love all the free preview videos, including some of me!! Jennifer.


Be nice! My first flash The next stage. Mutual wanking is so much fun. We love watching each other mastabating. We love all the sexy comment and the sorry ones are not too bad they just lack imagination. Thanks again for all of your possitive feed back. More photos to follow very soon. Lots of love Both of us. XXXXXX