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chubby mom spied on the beach

Hey everyone :) Its been a while but im back. My man took some new pics a cpl nights ago. Havnt posted in a while cuz like most Hotties on here, tired of hearing all the negative crap. Funny, I read someone else write on another contri, " all you rude guys are driving away all the hotties u want to look at on here" think about it. Anyway thinknig about making a web site. You think Mr.Kate would give me a lil space?? :) These are just a few from 180 pics taken the other night. Want to say hi to the girls and guys of the BB chat room,you know who u r. We are still looknig for another Hot female to cum play, take pics and just have fun with us, Open to nice cpls and others as well. We live in SouthEast area. Leave email and nice message if want to chat. I read eveyone of them and try to write everyone back. These pics arent to nasty ,but what the hell, hope you like anyways.More cumnig soon if comments good, Bi Bi.

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No story, just ass :-) I was just cleaning off the computer. Wes decided to send in some various pictures from the last 4 pic sets that we have taken. We are gearing up to take a ton of new pictures. We have been spending too much time latly on videos So get ready. Suzanne.


A lot of kisses!!!!!!! My Debut On Rc - Heya guys!It is my first time here on RC! I was apprehensive at first, didn't know whether to post them or not ...but after a while I got excited and said to myself to give it a try! Just let me know if you like them! kiss ya! Alya