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I thought I'd let you see the little yellow briefs that I wear down at my local swimming pool. These aren't quite the skimpiest I wear while going swimming but they are quite brief. The best thing about this pool is the communal showers which everyone uses after swimming. To get to the changing rooms everyone ( men & women ) has to walk through the shower area. For an exhibitionist like me this is wonderful. Most of the women sneak a quick look and some openly pause and have a good look. The first two pictures are just standard back and front shots. The third one shows what happens when I get horny. The fourth shows what I'd like to do in the public shower but can't and the last one shows me massaging baby oil into my cock a short while after I came.

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I do have a tanline... A recent night out on the town in Los Angeles....unedited!!!!! This is the longer naughty version, but well worth watch, especially about the 2 minute mark. As we have said before, we had a little to much to drink as you will see about the 15:00 mark.....Enjoy!!!!!!


Encore de jolie photos!!! Bonjour a tous!! THanks again for the many comments... I really enjoy hearing from u, hearing how hot watching my pics make u! It's a big turn on to know somebody is getting horny by watching pics of urself ;) Keep on commenting and i'll keep on posting, right ma puce?? :-)