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HtWifey often leans against the back of a chair while on her cell phone chatting or on Facebook. She has done it many times while my friends have been over, but usually in longer dresses or jeans. She had no idea the dress she was wearing was so short when she totally exposed herself to two of my good friends on holidays. I took a pic then showed it to her when they went back to the den. She was shocked but laughed, then stood up facing me, saying "Well, at least they didn't see this." She pointed to her very stimulated clit, poking out through her camel top like someone had stuck half a pink crayon inside.

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Hope you like. Plz comment Look and enjoy with me a very special car trip in my hot jeans outfit through Austria. If at a break at the motorway station, during a hot car drive or relaxing at the lake I always love to wear Jeans … but not any, hehe.


gabi1 at home She then encouraged me to get naked and we had great phone sex. She wanted me to get out a pair of her panties and tell me what I was doing into them as she told me how she was masturbating using just her finger.