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russian couple enjoys at beach part 1 &2

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After our first experiences, Claudia became more bold and wanted to feel a black cock.We were at a small hotel, and we met this guy at the playa. He was at the same place, in another room.He becameinstantly interested in her, and it was a question of time for him to propose an encounter. She refused at first, and we went to our room. But she was excited and we started to have sex. To our surprise, he had followed us and entered the room, we had left the door open...I was inside her, we were totally naked. He took of his swimming trunks,and asked to watch us while he masturbated. Soon she was staring at that black cock, wanting it in her ass.

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Enjoying good weather My husband and I decided to take a trip to our favorite swimming hole and one thing led to another and I ended up naked! Funny how that works! Anyway, next thing you know I'm covered in mud and we're thinking, "Pictures for VW!!!!!" We had a great time and I ended up being naked the whole day... what fun!!!!!


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