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Just some late night fun.
Once again, I have had the pleasure of getting my cock, balls and crack waxed. I have previously posted a recent experience with my beautiful salon girl who regularly waxes me. I have found a particular thrill in having my cock and balls tended to close to an hour. Its very different than a massage or even a paid pleasure girl. I honestly like to have my privates waxed, yet since I moved to this city, I have had the good luck of having young 20 something girls work diligently on my full erection. Last week, I made a booking for my wax session to find out my usual girl is in a 3 week holiday. In place of her I was waxed by an equally attractive girl (lets call her Ling). I decided to use my BB for a mp4 of this session. Unfortunately, it timed out at 30 minutes and the best parts did not record. Ling, it turns out is quite chatty and very friendly, more so than the regular one I use. She seemed quite open and I confessed to her that I truly get aroused during my waxing, though it should not be. With my cock in full erection, she did not miss a beat and said that most guys are erect and she really is used to it. As she is waxing and pulling and stretching, I continue to get fuller and robust in my hardness. I asked her if her boyfriend minds. She replied" of course I have not told him. He need not know..if he knows I see so much, my god!" But I said, you not only see you touch. How many men do you wax a week? She says 10 to 15. Do you get aroused, I asked. She replied…at first, she was very curious but as time went by, she does not get "too" excited. I continue to build up pressure on my cock and she moves it left to right I am feeling the urge to unload. But I like it so much I hold off. She asked about my girlfriend, what I do, and other small talk. 50 minutes in (she was rather slow), I am in sheer pleasure ready to climax. At this point she pushed my cock forward, against the erection, to get the hair on the lower part of the shaft. Its always the highlight. My other girl usually will do the same but not force my cock too long as she knows the end result. Ling did not know, and as slow as she was, she kept the pressure on my cock. Close to 2 minutes into it I cannot hold back and I unleashed with total abandon. I did not ooze or drip. I came. I unloaded like a gusher and missed her hair by a hair. Total silence. She stepped back and I could not stop. My cock continued to unload. Spasm after spasm. There was a blank stare. I looked the other way and apologized as I took a towel to cove r up. She said not to worry , its not a big deal. But I know she was shaken. She asked if I wanted to get the back done but I declined and said maybe another time.When I left the salon, she was not there to greet me. Later in the week I dropped by and left her a note of apology. I said if she did not want to wax me again I understood. I left my number. She called the same day to thank me for the note and not to worry. I went back 2 days ago. Charming Ling was at it again…slow, methodic, chatty and no mention of my big unloading.

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need it "inside" ! The first contri that was set was suppose to help me talk her into taking picks :-(. Was going good until the neg comments. She loved the nice ones and the voted but I told her we can try one more time and she agreed :-). And yes she knows that they are being put on here. Thanks please help me out :-)