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I've always felt an enormous pressure to be productive, and it says something that just now I feel that I am on top of things for this (not so) new year. I think I will have a light load for the rest of the semester, and with any luck my recent sexual encounter should hold me well into summer LOL. My flatmate always jokes that I am too boycrazy, although her term was a bit harsher and involved the words "cock" and "hugry" (you can imagine my bright red face when she said that LOL). I never got to focus on it until the past year or so, so every encounter has quite an impression-I still fantasize about some of the things I did over the summer and one of the joys of taking these pictures, and the avi on my website, is that I have plenty of enhanced memories to enjoy! I actually spent most of the past week working on my re-organizing parts of site, now that I've gotten a better handle on HTML. While I was digging through my computer I also came across quite a few pictures that I had set aside to send in that I had almost forgotten about. My flatmate and I were cracking up looking at them, from some of the faces I made to the angles of the pictures she took. I haven't been too harsh on myself lately for goofball antics and what a dork I look like at times, so please feel free to enjoy these! LOL

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Praia no sul do Brasil. Hello lovely viewers. I hope that you enjoy this set. I have been working extra hard to take photos that get you hard. Smile.. Thank you for all of the positive comments on my last contri. Please leave more. Luv.


My beautiful girl Here are a few more pics, I hope they are good enough for the contest . Love to read comments from both girls and guys. My last contri was #PS36888 - TexAss69posted on July24 . ..... I'll see you in the E-Contri board ;)