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just me strocking my cock
I have been a member of Red Clouds for quite awhile and guys you have a GREAT site. This is my first contri. A friend of mine knows Sandy, who just recently broke up with her boyfriend. My friend told me that she was wanting to get a little crazy since she had only been doing the boyfriend for the last two years. I met them on a recent Friday night at a club in the Deep Ellum section of Dallas for drinks. We all immediately hit it off. After about two hours and many drinks later she invites us to come over to her place. As soon as we get there Sandy starts taking off her clothes and wants to know if we think she is sexy. My friend immediately assured her that she was sexy enough for him. I had my digital camera with me so I started taking pictures of the two of them and here are some of the pics. Sandy would like to know if the RCers think she is sexy.

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bent over wife Hello Kate, VW gang and all of you, We decided once to send some not naked shots of Lamb. Thanks a lot foryour good comments fro our previous contries. It was a great pleasure to read them. Hope, for some more! Greetings,


Freshly glazed... Here are some more of the photo's taken while we were on vacation. Thanks to the great response to our post in PRIVATE image section. Some of you requested some "pink" shots, so I hope this fills your request?