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I decided to admit my age I had just turned 40 before these were taken. My husband (my trainer) has me on a healthful diet and I am starting to get in to resistence training. Many people think I could pass for late 20's. I was a little pudgy in these pics. As long as I appear in the ratings I will continue to post. So vote if you like what you see. We may join voy-zone if this continues to be as much fun. But we will post the tame pics here. Thank you for all your wonderful comments we are saving them all and your email addresses. We are interested in trading quality original pics of women. That's what my husband likes. We just started taking digital videos.

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wanna see more of her, A few people commented on the last post that there was too much of her bum and not enough of her bush, so here you go for those that requested it. There were about six comments that really got her going on the last post, so let's see if we can up the ante on this one!


Jamie & Claire xx Love the site! Here's our contribution from Toronto. Canadianbbw loves exposing her HUGE boobs in public places and I'm sure our fellow viewers will enjoy seeing them... Please title these Canadianbbw and feel free to post our address - the messages just add to the fun!