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Creampie fun with strangers at the Ocean Beach

un doux apres midi d'ete
The first time my boyfriend ever surfed The voy-zone, he saw a few women wearing Wicked Weasel bikinis. For the next seven months I listened to himtalk and talkabout this bikini and howmuch it turned him on.Ifinally broke down andordered one back in April, but I didn'tshow him the day it arrived or even let him know that I had bought one. Instead, I decided towait and present it to him on his birthday. Two weeks later it washis big day and I had reservations for a private, natural hot spring tub here in the mountains.Iallowed him to settle into the tub thenI performed a little strip tease to reveal the Wicked Weasel. Let me tell you, he wasn't joking when he said that particularbikini really turns him on! Anyway, we had loads of fun shooting about 80 images over the span of one hour and if I see that people really enjoythis submission, I might put a naughtyvoy-zone version together.

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Messjng around with wifey. this are some nice pics of my ex girl of russia....her name is Alla and all it is some of the pics that i made with her when i met with she face to face (she send me other pics by internet before our meeting, of course)


HOPE U LIKKE'M Hi everyone at VW! Thanks for all of the naughty emails and comments, keep 'em coming! I love sports, so here's a new set of me getting naked w/a baseball theme! I'd love to play w/you while I'm LIVE on my webcam, too! xoxo~Ariannna