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I've become rather enchanted by the countryside this summer. Loving the outdoors and the freedom it brings, my boyfriend and I decided to get back to nature by taking a trip to a remote British Island. We rented a lovely stone cottage situated in a couple of acres of land, complete with sheep, rams, rabbits and rare birds. We enjoyed our time away within the rustic charms of life working the land, but we are very glad to be back amongst our creature comforts. The opportunity for uninterrupted pleasures of the flesh were indulged and we took these pictures just prior to a roll in the hay ;) Hope you enjoy sexy ex xxx

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seat belts get in my way We went for a relaxing plage vacation this summer and we enjoyed the sun, sand, and surf. Thanks to hurricane Charley we had great waves the biggest we have ever seen at the sand. Enjoy! Thanks for your votes and comments!


Naked sand is awesome!!! Lana Around The House 1 - As promised here's more pictures of my wife Lana. These were all taken within the past 2 weeks and as you'll see there's some good stuff here. We still plan to take more this weekend and I will post them ASAP. Hope you're all enjoying these as much as I'm enjoying taking them.