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My cheating ex
What happens when two naturist fans get together in Kansas City? Well when they are Ohio Wife (July 13 NIP Ohio Wife in Virginia) and Christine (July 27 NIP Christine Flashes) then it makes for a great image shoot! These were taken around Union Station, Liberty Memorial, and Truman Sports Complex. And if you like these, wait till you see the pictures we took together at the hotel for Private Shots! Sorry we can't show are faces but we have jobs to keep. Trust me though, Christine is hot! Just so you'll know, I'm the 34 B, Christine is the 36 C. In the last pic by Union Station there were some construction workers behind us who knew exactly what we were up to. So we did the only nice thing we could do, we flashed them! Hope you enjoy these and look for us in Private Shots soon! P.S. I hope one of these might be good enough for the HOF.

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xxxxxxxxxxxx My brother-in-law got a new camera and wanted to try out on me. Here is his attempt to be an artsy fartsy image dude. Hope you like the pics... I think they turned out... well... better than average. lol If you like these... I'll post the "good" ones in RedClouds.