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German blond Amateur on Public Beach

You know the place.
Kate and Team: Here is Sher's 20th Contribution to your site. We have enjoyed the fun and the feedback (well at least most of it.) These pictures are from two different sessions. One night we went out and had some fun with signs. Then the next day we went on a 20 mile bicycle ride. When we were done we were in the parking lot. Some guy had parked his motorcycle beside us, so she said she wanted to have some fun with it. Then when she got dressed, she asked if I wanted a snack. I took the pictures and ate later. Hope Sher's fans have enjoyed the 20 times she has posed for them. BTW, on Labor Day we went out riding in the convertible, she was topless. I didn't get any shots, but four guys in a Suburban from Minnesota had a lot of fun for about 20 miles. A few truckers enjoyed the sights too.

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this is my Prego Wife !!! I submitted pics before but never got em posted hopefully it works thistime. I used a Minolta 7000i to capture some closeups of my 30 year oldwife. Hope U like. *** Must have been Erics bad day. I have added the missiningphotos Kate - 22 . August ****


Hello again... In this set, my wife and I got pretty horny while watching porn on the couch, so we didn't even bother going to the bedroom for this one. My wife kept on a sexy black bra that I've always loved while we fucked, with a great pair of matching stockings. We hope you enjoyed!