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Marisa Miller - Beach Shoot

Milky boobs
Devil(Ish)Sex In Public 1 - Hi everybody, This time I will share something very special and real devilish, because I did one of the most daring requests sofar!!! Having full sex in public at a public parking during daytime..... And I must say I had a great devilish feeling doing it. My first devilish sex in public. This happened to be also one of my favourite fantazies for a very long time. So...THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT!And I am so proud I could also forfill this request.Hope you like it too. The feeling was the very very best sofar. I mean, going full and having a large group of people watching you and looking them in the face was very new and very strong, and the adrenaline was absolutely FANTASTIC and very HOT !!! I can sure recommand it to all of you. I crossed another devilish border and I will cross it many times from today hehehe.... Also me, the guy and my bf (who took the pics again) had great hard sex afterwards, as we all were very proud of our devilish day. Also you probably will know we will share most of the pics in voy-zone as they are far too hot for EiP. I do hope Kate will agree to expose these in the EiP section as they are so daring and we made sure that nothing 'bad' can be seen. So Kate...Please dont put these in RC. For those who have the nudistmembership you can see the total full version!!! Let me know if you like them. And for all who do like sex, I would sure advise you to try sex in public yourself too. The adrenaline, exitement, courage is fantastic and crossing borders makes you stronger and stronger, which in the end improves your sexlife / relationship. Just keep thinking ............. The Devil made me do it..... and everything will be okay!!! If you have any other daring and exiting requests let me know and if I like them I will try to do them for you. Wish you all a lot of Devilish Fun again for this week!DEVIL

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Just love them Hotel Fun - Coco Another babe salvaged from the local hotel bar. Terrific lips and eyes. We talked for hours and had sex for hours. She wore me out. This babe warmed me up in a cold Fort Wayne trip. Did I tell you that I love my job. Comments welcome


Just some random shots (It's actually the first time she ever let me take a movie, so I have absolutely nO skill at it, but I was excited to finally have something to contribute. However, it's just me fuckin my wife's sexy feet, so if you're not into that, you might not appreciate it.)