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Hi there, and welcome to my latest posting here on RC! :-) I love posting here, and hope that you are enjoying my pics, too. Well, this image set I call "Bondage Fucking", and as you can see by these few pics, the name says it all! I recently discovered how excited I get and how much I love being tied up, and fucked by a nice, stiff cock; or being handcuffed and having a guy "go to town" and work his magical tongue on my clit. It just adds so much to the arousal ... man, my pussy is getting drenched as I write this!! OK, so these pics were taken one afternoon when I had a fuck-toy come over. I got dressed up in my lingerie, stocking and heels (I know he likes this), and I waited patiently for him to arrive. When he did arrive, I had everything planned ... and this included my new set of ankle and handcuffs; complete with a lock and key! So he couldn't uncuff me 'til he was thru with me ... and that was after a couple of hours of hardcore fucking, sucking and licking! We took a lot of pics for during this afternoon fuck-fest. Let me know what you think. :)

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Sue's is a real deal milf For the guys who emailed me pics of their great looking COCKS... this is what looking at your pics made me do.. Please feel free to email me pics of yourselves guys or girls love seeing who's liking my pics email


Ma Jules, 100 % Naturelles Dear VW, I scan your site every day, and I love it. Thanks for the service. I'd like to sumit some pics of me to post, for your female fans. I'm a straight guy from SoCal who travels a lot, and I've collected some pics. Enjoy... Ladies. -