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I had a rather embarassing conversation online the other day when Betty sent me a message via Y! and I didn't recognize the screen name for a good five minutes. She gave me a pretty hard time for not remembering, but it has been a few months since we last spoke. Last I'd heard, she was getting married and her fiancee was pretty peeved when she told him about me taking photos of her for voy-zone and my website, not to mention the fact that she went down on me the first night we met up in person. Thankfully she broke up with him and she wanted to get back in touch with me, and it was cool to catch up a bit. We're going to hang out next week, and who knows? If she is as wild as I remember, it could definitely be interesting. Personally, the blue hair does it for me. She also gave me some shit for not sending these photos in, because they are some of her favorites of the ones I took (her ass looks spectacular in them!). She also wanted to gauge everyone's feedback and get some ideas for when we get together next. She's still got the blue hair, so it's quite possible she could convince me to do quite a bit.

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I am ready for a ride! Her first set was published this morning, and we've gotten some great comments already. Some of you though, and you know who you are, just keep it to yourself. If you don't have anything nice to say, just shut the fuck up.


friend with benefits this contri contains bbw if your not into bbw just move on and if you are open to all shapes and sizes of women welcome ;) this is my wife wife and i just having a fun time at home since the winter season is upon us ;) hope you enjoy! comments welcome from guys and gals and have fun!!!!