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fuckme hard
Hi Again, I bought this outfit to pay tribute to all of the guys and gals in the armed forces but we got a little sidetracked. My hubby just couldn't keep his hands off of me and one thing led to turned into one hot session so I thought it was only fair to share with all of you. I just updated my Voyeur hosted website last night and Digger and my dedicated web man are working on the VIDS! So stop by and check it out hundreds of photos to go online soon, weekly updates, and lots more. The message board isn't working so feel free to send me a personal email. Hugs and Kisses

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Lexy...Want more? Hi all; Last week I bought a new digital camera and a new couch. So naturally I had to take a few pictures of my new couch for my VW friends. Isn't it a great looking piece. Comfortable too. My neighbor Sasha really seems to enjoy it. Such a versatile item. Anyone else get new toys lately?


A day at sun Hi, I want to thank you for all of the great comments, even the humorous ones (Telly). A couple of these are upon request for Trish and Nicki. If you can think of something dirty that you would like to do to me, leave a message on the BB and I will respond. Bye for now