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Nude Beach - Hot MMF Threesome on the Shore

Great shot!
Hello, its Katja again! Larkin is one of my favorite girls in the world, and I have been telling her she should pose forever. She finally submitted some pictures of herself not that long ago to voy-zone, and was please with how well it went, but I talked her into coming over one night and doing some pictures with me. We kept talking about all the things we would do together and to each other. What I didn't expect was how excited I would get. She seemed to get excited too. It didn't take long for things to get a little wild, we even took out the avi camera to film each other. It was so exciting. We will put that up on our site along with some of the other pictures we took in the next few weeks, but these are just a sample of what pictures we took on that wonderful, wonderful night. I must have her over again!

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laying around :) I just love when my favorite on-line lingerie store has a sale AND gives me an e-coupon! Since winter - and snow - has hit us hard we have to take all our photos indoors now so I purchased a whole bunch of new cute outfits and lingerie. I hope you like these to start!


Paradise skinnydippin nips Well ... My wife "WIL" never been with someone else before... I belive she deserve to try it once... We will be in Paris in the middle of the May and I think Paris is the best to try a threesome or maybe even a gangbang :) any candidate ? check for other pictures of her,please be kind at comments and Vote