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theSandfly Rockin' The Beaches 2014

Baci a tutti.
Finally Got Topless Pics - She said she was hot and would get comfortable on the couch while I had a shower. Had no idea I was going to see her "scorching hot" when I got out. I was dying to get her first topless picture, and she knew it. Took some serious begging and negotiation before I could get the first shot. Basically agreed to make myself available to her for any whim, errand, or chore that she sees fit for a month. She admits she had it all planned out and is loving every second of it, but she also admits it excited her to pose nude; We've had the best time this month since our honeymoon years ago. The camera will definitely be out again soon, but after all the work it took to get these, I just had to show a few of them to someone!

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one great night We just returned from a trip to Alaska and wanted to share a few pictures we took, hope you enjoy them. The Mrs wishes to remind you she isn't in her 20s anymore, or even in her 30s, in fact, she is almost 50.


have lots of pix Every once in a while HtWifey begs for it in her ass when she's about to climax. A cock at the right time will push her over the edge. Not only does she squirt but as she orgasms her ass contracts in waves around your cock. Amazing.