Nudism Photos


Bigi Shower
We finally got some warm weather in Virginia (between snowfalls) and we headed out to our local public park. TazMan bought us a love swing for our anniversary and a swing tree stand to hang it from. He can erect the stand in under 5 minutes. We started the shoot alone but a small crowd soon gathered behind TazMan as he photographed me. I've never been so turned on and so scared at the same time. It was fantastic! Also, you have been asking to see my "Emerald Eyes" so here they are! I'm still looking for a girl to do an nudiststyle pic shoot with. If you are in the Central VA area & are (seriously) interested in doing one with me, leave an email address in the comment section and I'll answer you! And as usual, PDPMEMA!

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Love to pose for you Hello, this is Maxima and I am Joseph. I took these pictures of my girlfriend and send them secretly to you. My girlfriend is a teacher somewhere in the middle of the Netherlands. The pictures where taken this weekend in our new home. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do.


Years later mid 30's It was a nice Sat. afternoon. I have had numerous request for closeup pictures of my tatoo. I hope these will do the trick. I am sure that the dolphin thought the water got a little salty this day more than others:)