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Gloria Gucci Fucking On The Beach

Titties in bodysuit
First and foremost, thank you to all of you who continue to support me and leave me great comments! I can't tell you how much your words make me smile and how much get excited. If you like my pics please vote my contri, this time I'd like to stay in the top voted contri for a while. As always I'll try to answer if you leave a message and I remind you that I like to read your comments and I get really wet. If you like to take pics with mine on the background, well, this is something that makes me crazy! Thank you again and may happiness embrace you all! A big kiss, Elisa. DON'T MISS THE SECOND PART OF THE CONTRI! Grazie a tutti gli amici italiani, siete sempre carinissimi con me. Con l'aiuto dei vostri voti mi piacerebbe scalare qualche posizione nella classifica, cosa piuttosto difficile.Come sempre vi ricordo che adoro leggere i vostri commenti e che la cosa mi eccita moltissimo. Cerchero di rispondere a tutti anche se, a causa della mole di messaggi, non e sempre possibile farlo. Ultimamente mi eccitano moltissimo le foto-dediche, cioe le mie foto sullo sfondo di voi che.... Un bacio a tutti, Elisa. NON PERDETE LA SECONDA PARTE DEL CONTRI.

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Before and after babies I was lead on the floor tring to fix my back & get some shuteye when penny just had to come and stand over me to see if I was ok and did I wanted a drink, I managed to grab the camera & took these pic's also manage to get some close up's of Penny's lovely lips too. Funny my back much better now!


Just enjoying life! Pic 1 (back) Sometimes the stars are aligned just right to set the mood for a little playtime.... Pic 2 (archback) A little bend and stretch.... Pic 3 (fullbodywhiteboots) Ready for anything.... Pic 4 (whitebootspurplepanties) I have a bunch more photos, if you like this contri I'll send more.