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Randy brunette sucks guy's pole on the beach

Just gagginf for it....
My lady is the most amazing woman I have ever known! I never dreamed I would ever have a lady this beautiful! Can you believe she is 55+? She is brunette, with big 36DD boobs that I worship, a wonderful figure, a cute neatly trimmed pussy, and a smile that makes men melt! Amazingly, none of her previous lovers, including her former husband, was ever interested in photography! She not only has let me photograph her and us, she actually suggests poses and scenarios. And that is only one aspect of her sexuality that makes her the most incredible lover I have ever had! She has made all of my sexual fantasies come true, and our total trust in each other allows us to explore all of our fantasies and desires - including role playing, photography, and videotaping. There is nothing we won't do with each other, and best of all, we are totally in love!

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VixenVicki We tried to post some racier pics, but VW's crew eagle eyes forward them to RC so here we are. Thanks to all the fans that left positive feedback. She truely enjoys reading them. We will contact all who leave email addresses. Fluffy is a 44 year old MILF with 2 kids and a husband that refuses to grow up


My wife's sexy ass The last of my photos until I buy that digital camera...I can't wait to have some fun with Won't be long now...~grins~ My husband calls me his teasing tormentress and loves when I dress in my Domme attire...loves it even more when it eventually comes Hope you enjoy Giddyuppp