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Hey all! This is one my last contri's, I know they aren't my best photo's, but I needed Adam to submit something or I couldn't write this goodbye note. Ok...Since I am moving, I wanted to say goodbye to all the good people that I have been E-mailing back and forth with these last few weeks. You know who you are out there! K.G. E.C. B.Z. Thanks again! It seems that I'm moving on to bigger and better not really. Fact is, I'm just not making it here. This damn state is just way too expensive. I am going back to live with my mom and save some money. I got the same job back home, just waiting for me, but it won't be as much fun as here. I hope that I will keep contact with all my fans, and it was nice while it lasted. Keep e-mailing me ok! Who knows, maybe some day I'll be back, and if I do, I'll make sure that I meet up with Adam, and all the fans that live here. Again, you know who you are, it was nice meeting you all.

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