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There are times that Tea can be a total daredevil. In one of our first conversations online, she her revealed to me that she likes to touch herself at times when she thinks she might get caught, and since we met up in person she has actively tried to bait me in joining in her mischief. We mainly take pics for here and my website in her room, but she has often urged me to try taking some in public settings, but I still fear getting caught. I saw her a few times while her folks were away and we had a pretty chill weekend. I did finally meet this girl she has been hooking up with, and she is cool but way too shy to get in the pics. Tea had wanted me there when her folks got home since they seem to think I'm a good influence on her, and with only thiry minutes to go she kept pushing me to take some photos of her. I fired off these shots pretty fast, and it was actually thrilling to have a time limit. Right after she got naked we heard the front door, and it was really quite cute how she tossed something on quickly. Looking at these shots, it was worth the close call, and I am surprised how far she can push me sometimes!

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Nikki ;)~ & Brandie Hi guys, Some of you may remember me posting with my friend Hope (the hot brunette) a few years ago. As much as I've tried to convince her to return, unfortunately, she's not willing. So I decided to try posting on my own. I hope everyone is having a great new year! *Cassie*


waiting me on the bed... Hello guys Im Arianna, this is my first time posting pics here so I hope you enjoy them;-) They are of me dressed up in a hot pink outfit. It didnt stay on for to long tho lol. Let me know what you think? Thanks xoxoxo