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What great friends can do
Last summer we did spend some time in a large mansion in France. That afternoon we had been out walking and having a drink in the sun. After coming home I felt tired, got undressed and rested on the bed till he came in with this lovely flower for me. He asked me if he could take some photos of me shows off in the hallway and laying on the bed. I agreed and started playing with the flower. After some time the expose made me so horny I just started to rub my pussy. It didn’t take long before it was all wet and I just forgot about the flower and just fingered my pussy and tiny back hole. Showing off by pushing my ass up in the air while he was taking lots of photo’s just made me hornier and hotter. With waves my orgasm went through my body. It always feels good to come when he is taking pictures, knowing so many others will be looking at them, fingering there pussies or jerking there cocks. Love

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my wife arzu... So I saw the new contri theme of "legs up" and set off on a mission to find some legs up themed pictures or make some new ones that fit the theme. A romantic weekend away provided just the settings and the perfect opportunity to get it done. Hope y'all enjoy them as much as I did taking them!


What you think of her ? She wanted to show off her new swimsuit.......and a little more. She doesn't feel sexy anymore but I think she's better now than when she was at 20. Tell her what you think and be nice so maybe she will do more and keep posting.