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after a break
Hi guys!! As always...thanks so much for the wonderful feedback on my recent posts! I cant say that enough. LOL You all are too good to me! *Kiss For this series, I put a hat and one of Jeres big sweat shirts on and went out for some fun in the white stuff! I know, I know....not the sorta "white stuff" you all would rather see me play in!! Hehehe.....It was a bunch of fun though! I want to say hello to "ketel1king", "edallisonjr", "blueeyesmale41", "slick", "Diggitydawg", "gig", "ascii" and "Zippy"!! I hope youre having a great holiday season guys!! Incase there isnt another set that goes up before Christmas! I hope everyone has a GREAT day!! Bye for now guys...and cant wait to hear from you! xoxoxo Michele

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Just seeing what happens This is our first contri and if there is a good response, there will be more. Renee is getting more and more adventurous and besides the naked beaches, she's flashing around town. Please don't publish our e-mail.


Sexy GF!!!! This is her favorite little thing to put on! I get to take lots of pictures cause it makes her feel HOT and SEXY! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!! Thanks for the comments and keeps her going!