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Hi everyone. These pictures are 20 years old and have never appeared anywhere before. I wont tell you how old I was at the time except to say that I was barely legal. My softball coach asked me if I wanted to make some money modeling for him and his friend who was a photographer. I said sure. I was very naive and was still very much a virgin and didn't suspect anything out of the ordinary.The two men were considerably older than me and, I found out they were also very horny for young girls. So, guess what they were doing to me for about the next 12 hours. I was scared at first but after a short time, I started to enjoy the whole thing. It definitely was not rape because I was very curious and didn't want them to stop, and I was of legal age even though just barely. It's amazing how a few orgasms can run away your fears. So, here is the first set of the pictures they took of me. I'll send the second set in a few days. The age of the pictures account for their poor quality and the room was dimly lit for the first set. The substance that you see on my hose in a few pictures is exactly what it looks like. Hope you enjoy them. Having them taken sure opened my eyes to the wonderful world of sex.

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a fun night with Mrs69 Hello people, we are new here. My gf is quite shy, but now she is pregnant I thought I had to share her with you. She is 4,5 months pregnant now. I also show some pics before pregnancy, so you can see the difference. Can't wait to see your comment...


Beaut brune Here we go again as promised.. Keep your nice comments and votes coming and pictures will get better and better... Let's not disappoint her.. It will be a shame if she asks me not to post anymore because your votes are not high enough.. I will have to obey..