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South Padre Island I (public) Welcome to beautiful South Padre Island, Texas. Every year the population of our little island swells during the month of March. These great pictures you see here were taken the second weekend of April, while Michigan students were on their spring break. This is a wet t-shirt contest and the girl you see featured here was the winner. I met her the night before the contest and I was surprised to see her up on stage the next night. Thank God I went back to the club because I wanted her really bad. I ran back to my truck to get the camera and here are a few stills. I have 20 minutes of footage so trust me there's plenty more where that came from. If you like, let me know. -

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FLASH EVE ( Gremany ) Some more photos of Keith fucking me on the car hood. At least he gave me a break and put me in the car on the seat to save wear and tear on my sweet ass. Also you can see what a nice dick he has by the sucking pic. We will be back with more soon. Hope everone had a nice holiday. Love to all Candy and Keith.


enjoying some wine hi it's rhonda again just doing some flashing for the truckers i do this every other weekend on 55 and 270 and 70 friday nights and on the return trip from the ozarks every sunday afternoon hope you enjoy please leave comments and email thank you rhonda