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Voyeur beach cabin part 1

outdoor in the garden
Why is it the thin girls online are shy, but those with a few extra pounds are very forward? Maggie has been messaging and call me a lot in the past two weeks since we first took some pics. It's almost had me a bit scared to sign on Yahoo! because she bombards me with all these messages about ideas for photos and some of her weirder sex fantasies. She was telling me she was hookinh up with some guy she met online, but I guess after they fucked a few times he broke up with her (she had too much of a past for his taste). I have to say that I wouldn't date a girl with her history--as it is the first time we hung out, she went down on me, and she told me she has been with something like over 50 guys. I finally made time to hang out and take some pics, and I passed the time by staring at her boobs and ass. She confessed to me that she has never tried anal sex, and I think I might try to get her to hook up with my friend again (she sucked him off last time and I got some avi on my site). I know I clown her, but she is a decent friend and a sweet (but somewhat misguided) girl. Anyhow, she really likes the feedback off the first set, so please keep the comments coming and she'll keep posting!

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i m waiting about you! Mary loves SEX she loves looking at the pix people send us,but most of all she loves SEX with different people male and female,she like me are always looking for more couple to have fun with, if you like what you see drop us a line with your pix & we'll get right back you you.


We use to be Fuck Buddies I unplugged the fluorescent bulb in the hallway outside my apartment. This left only the rather dim, cloud filtered light of late afternoon coming through the skylight. They are a bit dim, but I like the soft quality.