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Couple fucking on beach

50th fashion show
Samantha: All I Am - These were the first photos I have actually taken in a while. Most of the other stuff I have sent in was taken a while ago not that you could tell tho. I haven't changed at all. My hair is pretty much the same. I really need to do something about that. I took these at my new apartment that I have with my friend Nikki! Its great but we need to decorate and now I have a laundry buddy ...we hate doing laundry hahaha but its needs to get done. Her two little kitties are adorable and are underwear theives hahah I caught them red pawd haha Im a dork! Anyway, I thought these came out very well and thank you to all of you who post nice comment and make me feel so gorgeous<3333 i love you all

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Ass and a little more ;-) The wife got real into these pics for the 1st time this weekend. She gets nervous and wants them deleted from my camera right away so they don't get out....hehe. If comments are good, there may be a future for her contris.


Naked on the Ohio River. Hi guys, Just 3 shots here of myself. Once again waiting on my fiance to get ready on a Saturday night. My apologies for such a short contri. She was yelling at me from upstairs to get my shower so I had to make it quick. Any requests?