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My wife and I planned to go to a more secluded part of a lovely sand on the Great Lakes to spend some time without our children (we have three and have been married for 17 years) and work on a more complete tan. She even bought a new suit. We weren't there for more than two minutes before she took off her top and, as soon as I asked, her bottoms. She actually asked me to carress her while we lay there. After a while she was getting pretty aroused and I told her that she needed to slow down, but that if she followed my directions, we could make love shortly. I asked her to turn her head away and close her eyes. I then took a picture of her. I thought she would be upset as she is usually very shy. She instead let me take more. When we got home, I told her I thought she looked beautiful. She doesn't think she is that sexy so I challenged her to let me post these here for your comments. She wouldn't let me show her face which is unfortunate as they are the sexiest of all. Please let her know how friendly she is. Maybe I can encourage her to another shoot if you post suggestions?

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what a stupid bitch We have submitted some from these shoots in the past. Here are some others that were left over. In the first pic, you can see the neighbor looking through the top window. Needless to say, he's been pretty nice since. Enjoy and please leave comments. She loves to read them and writes back if they are nice.


Enjoy once again ;-) Hi... I love these blowjob pics and I want to share them with you. We are going to spend this weekend at the plage so expect some new videos and pics at our site of course... see you!