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Mariels Niece and the old man on the beach

stunning, eh?
Yo! As always we MUST THANK YOU ALL for the votes and wicked cool comments!! Good or bad love to hear from ya'll. Honestly I need to be quick, this was a total surprise for me on Friday afternoon. Kitty's girlfriend showed up they conspired a hot send off for me. My job is sending my crew out to Kettle Falls Washington on some bridge re-wire and I'm gone for 3 to 4 weeks. I'm leaving in a few hours. Kitty's GF showed up and this clip is the end, when I have more time I'll send the crazy GG shit. Strap on, double header they put on an insane show. She is gonna stay up here with Kitty for a couple weeks, check them out around Gold Plage I left them with the camera. Greetings from Oregon.

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Just enjoy me.... ;D Never posted a pic of her ass before, but my rod was deep in her when I took this pic. Her pussy feels so good and I love this view. She was telling me she wishes she sucking on a big cock while I give it to her. And she can swallow a big one!


Look closer to that ass hello Kate and gang - These are a few pics of my wife doing what she loves to do. We appreciate all comments and will probably send more if the remarks are good. We hope everyone likes them and we also hope they get posted this time. Last time we had no luck. Thank you and great site. PDPMEM