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Interracial couple on the beach

Tea hit me up on Yahoo the other day and was in a pretty bad mood. It seems she got on restriction for sneaking out late at night, again. I made her tell me the whole story, because she hadn't come over to my place for a few days. It turns out she has a little thing going on with one of her girlfriends. So now Tea is a bit pissed because she can't fully explore these bi-sexual urges she has. But, since her parents and I hit it off the two times I've seen them, she could have me over at her place. You wouldn't think it from how innocent she looks (in these pics or any I've shot of her in past contributions or on my site), but she is rather devious. Apparently I was coming over to help her with a computer problem. Next thing you know, nudity ensues. I love this girl. LOL.

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bush on fire What a great response I recieved from the first set of pictures. Thanks for the great comments. This is part 2 from the same location. We are working on some more new photos. I really loved the comments from the girls too.So if you like what you see let me know.


Lea my hairy wife Just some test shots of my sexy wife...she is remotely bi-curious - needs a bit of nudging from the ladies. We are in SoCA so, if any ladies are interested, let us know...thank you for your positive comments....more are on the way if everyone likes!!