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voyeur of amateur sheamle on a beach

My girlfriends's boobs.
Hi Kate, crew and naughty voyeurs! ...kisses Sailor (for your cute comments)... It's been several months since my last contri.We have had a very busy (but fun) summer with my new g/f Brandi and her hubby. Anyway, here are a few solo pics from previous trips. Here is a little taste of what is to come. I call the set"Flash Across America". My quest is to getnaked bythe welcome sign of every state along an interstate or major highway. The pics aren't the greatest, as these were my first attempts... trust me, I get better. (blush) Thanks for all the great comments... as always. If there are naughty wivesfrom MN that like to get naked and/or party... don't be afraid to email me. My addy ison my siteand I don't bite (very hard). . Kisses.

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Another view of dat ass. Any requests? Easy on the comments! Although I love hearing how beautiful I am and how you shot your load all over your screen while looking at me, I really hate it when you comment on my breast size! I know I need to get implants ok! =) I'm saving for em, I really am!


Out in the gorge A couple months ago my honey, tinkle, appeared in the naked in public section (naked in the woods). most folks that commented loved the pic of her nip pollinting a flower so i thought i'd submit some redcloud material of her own flower.