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Legendary pornstar at the beach

from the street
We were on our 31 Anniversary in Mexico 1 year ago. I decided to take a chance and get out the cam corder when she got out of the shower. She had never posed for anything like this before and I was Stunned when she asked me what I wanted. She does not feel she is attractive and does not like her body. At 52 I think she still looks great. As you can tell by the last pic. I think she was enjoying it. I could hardly finish the pics and had to take care of business. My apologies for the poor quality and the face blur. Please be kind, vote and love to here your comments. Men and women. If they are good I will show her and try to convince her to post more. Happy Holidays

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Enjoying night at home Happy Valentines Day to everyone at VW. This is the most special of Holidays for us Girls!! Here is a set of me in a sexy red outfit that I think fits the occassion well. My heart is for all of my fans. I hope that you all enjoy these pics!! Kisses and Hugs Marie


One more time... Since I started posting - I starting reading the comments posted, and realize that pussy, asshole and cum shots are what people love to see - so sorry for the artsy photos before - but I think these could possibly make up for it! Please enjoy my selection of cum shots!