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Sydney - Vroom Vroom! - ___ A naturist viewer was in my area one day and gave me the opportunity to play with his Fat Boy! Never having straddled one quite so big before, I hopped on and had a blast. It was too big for me to handle on my own, so instead I just stretched out and enjoyed the feel of it against my body. Oh yeah... thankfully no audio, because my "vroom vroom's" had Andrew (my oh so excellent photog!) and the gent wanting to stuff something in my mouth. ;-) Thanks for putting up with me you two! SD, you were so much fun, it was a great time!! The comments on the Underwater Conti were wonderful, thank you everyone... hope you enjoy these as well! Luv~n~Lust, Sydney

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hot east indian girl Just enjoying a day in the sun. We are really getting tuned up for summer. I want that bronze look again so my photos will be as good as ever. Going down to Austin soon for a photos shoot. Will post as soon as we have the photos. Kisses to all, Heather.


buenisimaa... I've been a way for a while and I've missed posting for everyone. My last posting was so well received I want to thank everyone for your comments. They were so nice that in the future, I will try to send an extra pic to those really want one. Kiss Kiss....