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Hello, I hope you enjoy my two first contrib, and naturist visitors too, from the HOT Clip and EROTIC SHOW of PARIS, in France. In this contrib, I send you some pics of a very HOT French X and Porno star, named Dolly GOLDEN. She was in this HOT Clip and EROTIC SHOW, and she signed for her fan. You can appreciate that she love picture, and her fan too ...... Lucky one on Pict 10 and 11!!! For me, it's a pleasure to take pict of her, but I am disapointed, because, on the second day (pict 6 to pict 11), I miss 3 time her very nice panty when she open her leg in front of me. But my flash is out, because charging!!!!!!! It's not very easy to take nice and hot picture, because there was a lot of people, and it's hard to be in the front of her a long time. Next time may be.... I wait your comment on the BB.....

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Sunday morning stretch Thanks everyone for the great comments and ideas on our first post.Here are some more photos taken that night,Hope you enjoy.....If you like the photos please leave a comment,we love reading them and don't forget to vote


Just taking some pics These are some nice shots of my Asian GF. The pics are of her before, during and after a shower. The last pic is after we just had a "redclouds" type session. This girl can do wonders in bed. Please post in private pics and if comments are good, I may send the redclouds version of these pics!