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Alison - Strip on Beach & in Pink Bikini

loves showing her 38dds
Well here it is our first true hard-core submission, I call it a gangbang but I don't know if 2 guys qualifies for a ganging? One day while at a favorite hotel of ours, we invited my best friend (the tall 6'6" black man) to take some pics of me and my g/f. Well, he ended up taken more than pics, I recorded it all on camera. Many b4 my g/f has tried to get my buddy off with oral, with no success, but he did that night (she is that good). Fun was had be all, but I apologize 4 the quality of some of the pics, its hard to take good pics under these situations. PS - Twotone refers to the 2 tones on my cock, nothing else... :)

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More random pics Und noch mal ein paar geile Bilder von Christine beim Sonnen auf der Terrasse. Diesmal in Ihrem geilen Bikini von Wicked Weasel. Scharfes Teil, oder? Sie jedenfalls macht es mächtig an, wenn Ihr die Kerle in diesem Bikini hinterher geiern. Falls Ihr noch mehr sehen wollt. Bis demnächst.


Sexi in Red This is a first for me. I am very nervous as to how I will be received, but wanted to try. I have more to post, but thought I would start out with some simple self shots. I hope you enjoy. I am bi and would love to hear from women as well as men.