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Happy Stroking!
Been a Long Time! Some of these pictures you cool-ass voy-zone Regulars that email me have already seen... Some pictures nobody has seen! I stay extremely busy so I snap shots here and there when I can. First two are me messing around with my new camera a couple months back. Then a little nipple view of me coming out of the shower in the third picture... Pictures 4 and 5 were a dare for me to pull out a tit and suck it in front of a window of a busy street. Of course, nobody could probably see me through those curtains, but as you know - I am the shy NIP wannabe *grin* Pictures 6,7,8 and 9 are me before bed one night especially for Kate. Please title this "Savannah Various" and place in the Private Shots section. I sized a few down so the digital contri wouldn't be so big. Bulletin Board posters - tell me what you want and what you think about my hair. I already know Kate wants me to be a brunette *grin* For some reason, I dig my hair gold. I'll just keep on my mission of photographing the brunette hotties in NIP for Kate's pleasure ! Have Fun With Love,

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Wife Marie - My wife Marie Hi again. It was a beautiful weekend and it also happened to be my birthday. I wanted two things for my birthday. A relaxing weekend and lots of sex. I got both and you get some pictures out of the deal. Thank you all for the comments. Hope you enjoy these shots.


She was firm, nice, brunette Wife is very jealous when i am playing with my Lucy. She is accusing me that i find Lucy and R&B sexier than her (well... sometimes maybe i do). So she decided to seduce her, and become close friends. Which one to choose, or maybe both? Ladies and Jentlemen your comments please.